Hub International picks up TX-based commercial truck insurance agency

Hub International has acquired US Insurance Source (USIS), as well as several of its affiliates.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

USIS, in Spring, TX is an independent insurance agency specializing in commercial insurance, which includes trucking insurance. The agency offers comprehensive coverages to help protect owner-operators, fleet managers and related freight and trucking companies.

The owner of USIS, Mark Walton, will join Hub Transportation and report to Hub Transportation executive vice-president Jerry Gillikin.

Last month, Hub acquired retirement consulting firm Sheridan Road Financial in Chicago and New York-based insurance provider The Rubin Group.


Natural gas truck sales spiked in February: ACT

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Natural gas retail truck sales surged in February, up 44% from January, but were still down 12% year-to-date through the first two months of 2019.

ACT Research reported year-to-date sales are down 24%.

“Bucking the early decline pattern of the past few years, cumulative sales for the first two months of 2019 appear to be gaining ground,” said Ken Vieth, senior partner and general manager at ACT Research. “Despite a soft January, sales of natural gas-powered vehicles picked up in February, both month-over-month, up 44%, and year-over-year, up 13%.”

Vieth added, “Based on news released in the popular press, natural gas vehicle purchases continued to be dominated by refuse fleets, as well as transit and school bus operators. Among truckers, it appears as though the majority of incremental volume came from current natural gas vehicle users replacing units or increasing their number. That said, transportation power is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. All viable commercial vehicle power alternatives, from diesel and natural gas to electric of all kinds, must now be considered to accurately measure potential cost savings, while meeting future emissions, and ACT sees the development of electric vehicles growing, even while natural gas adoptions continue and diesel-powered engines increase in efficiency.”


Peterbilt recognizes top dealers

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Three Canadian Peterbilt dealers were recently recognized as Best-in-Class award winners.

Camions Excellence Peterbilt, Peterbilt Manitoba, and Stahl Peterbilt were the Canadian recipients of awards during the truck maker’s 2019 dealer meeting. They were recognized due to their: standard of excellence scores; financial performance; parts and service performance, and utilization of Paccar training and programs.

“These award-winning dealers, and the dealer network as a whole, have invested heavily in adding and expanding facilities, hiring the best technicians, increasing hours of service and offering mobile service solutions that drive uptime and profitability for our customers,” said Peterbilt’s director of dealer development, Peyton Harrell. “The Peterbilt dealer network is the fastest growing network in the United States and Canada, and has never been stronger.”

The company also named The Peterbilt Store as its 2019 Dealer of the Year.


Arnold Bros. celebrates 60 years in trucking industry

WINNIPEG, Man. – Today marked the 60th year Arnold Bros. Transport has been in business.

Founded in 1958 by Frank and Gerry Arnold, the Winnipeg-based carrier started when the brothers expanded the family farm with the transportation of grain.

“It’s exciting to see Arnold Bros. reach the 60-year mark,” said Gary Arnold, executive vice-president of Arnold Bros.

Incorporated in August of ’58, the family-run business now employs five generations with the youngest being 21 and the oldest 80 years old.

“The company has far surpassed what Frank and Gerry envisioned back in the ‘50s,” Gary said. “Arnold Bros. Transport hauls a variety of goods throughout Canada and the U.S. due to the multiple types of equipment we have available. We work with dozens and dozens of industries, with a loyal and long-standing customer base that relies on the quality of our service and our people.”

The company now hauls a variety of goods, including farm machinery and agricultural products, as well as operating dry van and refrigerated trailers.

In addition to its Winnipeg head office, Arnold Bros. has offices in Milton, Ont., Calgary and Edmonton, and yard locations in Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon, and Montreal.

“You don’t reach the 60-year mark without focusing on quality, investing in your future, and appreciating your employees,” said Gary.


Peterbilt Top Workplace For Women, Award To Be Given By Women In Trucking

Earlier today, Peterbilt Motors Company announced that the Women in Trucking Association will recognize the company as a top workplace in the trucking industry at the annual Women In Trucking Accelerate conference in Dallas Texas on November 13th.

Sources at Peterbilt report that the company has continually worked on efforts to incorporate diversity in the workplace in recent years, specifically focusing on acculturating women within trucking.

“Receiving this award is a testament to Peterbilt’s commitment to fostering and empowering a diverse workforce,” said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt General Manager. “I am excited about our progress to date, and the continued expansion across all of Peterbilt’s diversity initiatives, including the implementation earlier this year of a Veteran’s affinity group.”

In 2018, the Peterbilt’s Women Initiative (PBWIN) was launched, an effort in which the company empowered local students and residents in Peterbilt operations areas as a means of outreach to promote STEAM education in schools and promote gender diversity within the trucking industry.

More information on Peterbilt as well as the PBWIN initiative may be found at the company’s site.


ArcBest To Celebrate 95 Years In Business

Seeing its company beginnings within the trucking industry in 1923, ArcBest reports that it will celebrate its 95th anniversary this fall, continuing its services as a provider of end-to-end supply chain services

Formed in 1923, sources at ArcBest report that the company has worked closely alongside its customers in order to develop deep relationships within the industry as well as grow within logistics providers.

“I’m very proud to be part of a company with a history full of innovation and excellence and an exciting future,” said Judy R. McReynolds, ArcBest chairman, president and CEO. “Our success at ArcBest has come from hiring creative problem solvers, developing great customer relationships, and going above and beyond every day.”

ArcBest reports that the 1930’s saw the company buy Arkansas Motor Freight with only 10 employees, three locations, two tractors and an annual revenue of $50,000 as the company grew into the 1940s.

During the 1960’s, ArcBest reportedly established an Information Technology branch that exists currently as ArcBest technologies as the company acquired other North American-based trucking lines.

With the company’s acquisition of Navajo Freight Lines in 1979, the company reportedly claimed the title of the 9th largest regulated instate motor carrier in the country.

“Our ability to continually solve and grow with our customers has been a key contributor to our longevity,” McReynolds said. “It has helped us build a rich history and a powerful foundation for our future.”

After the 2014 renaming of ArcBest Corporation, the company saw solutions offered under the ArcBest brand, with more than 13,000 employees and 240 service centers across North America.

More information on ArcBest may be found at the company’s site.


Trucking companies in Indianapolis say the city is “almost like a third world country” as theft on trucking lots increases

Indianapolis trucking companies are saying the city has become “almost like a third world country” as small businesses are forced to beef up security in order to keep their equipment from being stolen.

Just three years ago, Taylor’s Truck and Trailer on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana was hit by thieves who were able to make off with more than 100 tractor trailer batteries in a matter of months. Now more recently, Celadon Trucking on Raymond Street has been robbed as well and this time the thieves did more than steal batteries.

According to WTHR News, the thieves were able to take about 30 semi truck batteries from the lot and even broke into one of the trucks and used it as a battering ram to open the lot’s gates and flee the scene.

The stolen rig was discovered around one and a half miles away with serious damage some time later.

It is not yet clear what Celadon Trucking on Raymond Street plans to do about the breach in security, but Robert Woodward, owner of Taylor’s Truck and Trailer, says that his business has paid dearly for the incident, spending $500 each month just to rent an electric fence for the property.

“It’s not pretty. It doesn’t look great. It’s almost like a third world country,” said Woodward.

“I mean, they use a lot of electric fences in third world countries and that’s what this city is coming to… crimes like these hit small businesses hard.”


Service One Transportation to Hold Open House and Driver Lunch Saturday

Earlier today, Wisconsin-based trucking company Service One Transportation announced that it will hold its annual open house and driver appreciation lunch this Saturday, October, 13, 2018 at the company headquarters in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Service One Transportation reports that all class a drivers are invited to join current company employees for food, activities, and job-related information, as well as the ability to see the company’s latest trucks and equipment.

“Our annual driver appreciation event is one of the many ways we express our gratitude for our top-notch team, and it gives us an opportunity to show other drivers throughout the region why Service One is the best choice for truck drivers jobs in Wisconsin” said President of Service One Transportation, Dan Flagstad, Jr.

Attendees of the event will be able to see military-themed units, as well as graphics on units that commemorate firefighters, including several company drivers who are current volunteer firefighters.

Sources at Service One report that the open house and lunch provides the company with an opportunity to support the hard work of current employees as well as providing a venue in which to meet job-seekers interested in driving positions at the company.

“We believe it’s important to recognize those who give back to their country and community, and we’re proud to count them as members of the Service One family,” said Mike Myszewski, Service One’s Vice President of Operations and Logistics. “Our reputation has helped us attract very high-caliber employees, and we show our appreciation for them with excellent pay, full benefits and a family-friendly culture. We’re always hiring great drivers, and we’d love to meet interested job-seekers at our upcoming open house!”

Interested parties may visit the driver lunch and open house at North 5671 County Road M from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this upcoming Saturday at the company headquarters in Plymouth, Wisconsin.


Dart Podcast Network Releases National Driver Appreciation Week Episode

Earlier today, Dart Transit Company reported the release of an upcoming National Truck Driver Appreciation Week themed episode on its Dart Network Podcast, now available online.

The upcoming podcast episode, part of the Dart Network Podcast launched over two years ago, will feature interviews with Dart drivers, department heads, and leadership figures regarding National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

“Truck drivers may very well be the most under-appreciated workforce in America. We can all at times take our most precious resources for granted. It’s human nature,” said James Langley, President of Dart Transit Company. “We often take for granted our spouses, our children, our jobs, and other very important parts of our lives.”

Available on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, and other platforms that host podcasts, The Dart Network Podcast was originally released during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 2016.

Dart reports that the idea to show support for the week through a podcast comes from the effectiveness and popularity of the podcast.

“When we started looking at our plans for Driver Appreciation this year, we thought the Dart Network Podcast could provide a great avenue for the office staff to express their appreciation for the men and women on the road in the Dart Network,” said Russ Moore, Dart’s Vice President of Communications & Marketing. “We are always looking for new ways to connect with the company drivers and owner-operators in the Dart Network, and the podcast has become an effective platform for us.”

Dart reports that the company will participate in other activities to commemorate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, including company lunch events at Dart locations across the country.

“Sometimes, it takes weeks like Driver Appreciation Week for us to properly reflect on the value our drivers and owner-operators truly bring not only to Dart, but to our country,” said Langley. “Our driving community not only keeps our nation moving, but it also provides every single person at Dart an opportunity to earn a living, one that should be in a never-ending act of service not only to our customers, but to the lifeblood of our company and economy, our drivers It can never be said enough, but thank you for what you do for Dart, and thank you for what you do to keep America moving.”


Farmers Insurance hit with landmark fine for telemarketing

In a landmark ruling, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said Monday he had fined California-based Farmers Insurance Exchange, Truck Insurance Exchange and Fire Insurance Exchange $575,000 for violating state telemarketing and No-Call laws.

This is the largest amount ever paid by a telemarketer for Missouri No-Call and telemarketing violations.

The settlement agreement filed in St. Charles County Circuit Court also requires Farmers to adopt policies and procedures to prevent future telemarketing and No-Call violations, and to embark on a program of training and annual audits of its agents, which sell home, life and auto insurance.

Koster said the Attorney General’s Office received more than 275 No-Call complaints over a four-year period about Farmers’s “harassing telemarketing practices”. Many consumers complained that they continued to be contacted by Farmers agents after instructing them not to call. Koster said unwanted telemarketing calls annually rank highest on the list of complaints received by the Attorney General’s Office.

“Farmers Insurance simply looked the other way while its agents were flouting Missouri’s no-call law, illegally bombarding Missouri consumers with unwanted telemarketing calls,” Koster said. “This historic settlement combined with new training requirements should ensure Farmers reforms its practices to protect Missouri consumers.”

Koster is known to be a vigorous campaigner against harassing telemarketing practices. Also Monday, he announced his office has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Charter Communications for violating federal and state telemarketing and No-Call laws.